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Ventura, CA 93001

The Deacon is the lap-steel playing moral compass of Santa Barbara's "Big Jugs." He joined the Jugs in 2009 as a spiritual adviser (both liquor and eternal).

The Deacon enjoys kosher meals, loose women and loose women dressed as chickens. He is a connoisseur of malted beverages, brass-monkey, Portland strip-clubs, and Class B Recreational Vehicles. He is not affiliated with any church or religion, but is still willing to hear female confessions (particularly of the "lust" subset of the seven deadly sins).

This Single (with a bonus track) features the Deacon playing all of the instruments on "When the Shakes Set in" and "The Gospel According to the Deacon." The bonus track "the Grotesque Puppet" features Big Jugs' drummer Cletus Cockburn on percussion and fiddle player Mark Parson. All other instruments on that track (trombone, accordion, etc) are played by the Deacon.

Note on the Bonus Track:

The Deacon first learned "the Grotesque Puppet" from the minstrel work of the legendary "Sycamore Smith," who himself had discovered it in a Brazilian folk music book while in a haze of absinthe and misanthropy. Warning: The song might cause puppets in your home to howl at midnight. Please be sure to lock up your puppets before listening. Also: don't buy puppets from wild eyed strangers with vague hard-to-pinpoint accents. Such decisions typically result in horrifyingly negative consequences.

From Big Jug's band Bio:

"Big Jugs is your Grandpa's favorite country band, but don't expect to find the album anywhere around his house. He won't bring it out at Thanksgiving while the family sits down at the bird. And no, you won't find the record in the front room between his Merle and Willie vinyl. Grandma may not even know the album exists. You see, Grandpa hides it out in the barn next to his old ass kickin boots. It's from a time when he used to spit tobacco in the face of danger, drink whiskey till sun was rising and knock the dickens out of any man who wore a sour grin. He even had his own robe down at the local bordello, where he seldom had to pay. And his favorite band was BIG JUGS"