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Ventura, CA 93001

Francisco Mirabent
Northeastern Texas has long been considered a melting pot of musical influence--Cajun, blues, ragtime, jazz, Texas swing, and zydeco are all examples of this regions ability to blend culture & music. Francisco Mirabent of Linden Texas (Linden hailing itself as "Music City USA" and proud hometown of Scott Joplin, T-Bone Walker, and the Eagle's Don Henley) was raised in the heart of this musical landscape--playing his guitar at jam sessions with musicians that directly reflected the best of this region's style.

He has played venues throughout the south--Memphis, Texarkana, Dallas, and Shreveport--and has worked on several projects,most recently the Rodney Whatley Band with Jena Walker.

His playing has been compared to Eric Johnson, Brad Paisley, and Stevie Ray Vaughn--but his technique is much more diverse. Utilizing slide and varied effects, Francisco bridges the gap of many different world styles and influences in his unique approach to guitar playing.
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