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Ventura, CA 93001

After four years and 300 plus shows, Matt Sayles (co-founder and front-man of the upper-peninsula of Michigan band “Frostbitten Grass”) migrated to the High Deserts of Central Oregon & California. While in Oregon, Sayles met up and toured nationally from 2005-2006 with Texas progressive blues guitarist Francisco Mirabent, and spent 2006-2009 in Michigan & California touring regionally and completing his album “Wilson’s Hotel, ” in December of 2009.

"Wilson's Hotel" features Sayles exploring a multitude of new instruments and thematic material that reflect his western travels & and Michigan heritage. The album is entirely self-produced (mixed & mastered) with Sayles playing every instrument on all of the tracks with the exception of his sister (Melissa Risk) playing up-right piano on two instrumental duets.

In late 2010 Sayles formed the Ventucky String Band in Ventura, CA. with Dave White and Rick Clemens, and continues to work on new material and projects, including the Matters and the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress.