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Ventura, CA 93001

acoustic beef
“Wilson’s Hotel” 2008
Matt Sayles

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Matt Sayles

With: Matt Sayles & Melissa Sayles

“Problems with Crows” 2010
Running on Wires

Produced & recorded by Matt Sayles & Justin Curth

With: Justin Curth, Matt Sayles, John Marston

“El Heno De La Muerte” 2006
Matt Sayles & Francisco Mirabent

Produced by Matt Sayles & Francisco Mirabent

With: Matt Sayles & Francisco Mirabent

“Acoustic Beef” 2004
Frostbitten Grass

Produced by Philville Records and Tweed Records/Brian Lucas (Whitewater, WI.)

With: Frostbitten Grass & Cynthia Pryor

“Frostbitten Grass” 2002
Frostbitten Grass

Produced and recorded by Philville Records and On-Site Studios/Dan Flesher (Skandia, MI)

With: Matt Sayles, Ryan Olthouse, Brian Hartman, Bob Guidebeck

“No Shame” 2003
Matt Sayles

Philville Records
(Marquette, MI)

With: Matt Sayles, Melissa Risk, Mike Tripp, Derek Siver, Sven Gonstead

Other Releases/Compilations with Philville artists:
“Iron Country” 2003
A compilation of Upper-Midwest Bands recorded by

Spinout Records of Duluth, MN

Frostbitten Grass Appears on the Last Track with “Reincarnation”
(tribute to a classic poem by Wallace McRae)

“Stone House Music Cooperative” 2005

Award winning compilation of Folk, Bluegrass, and Jazz Mandolin tunes from some of Michigan's finest songwriters, Jeff Krebs, Aj Fischer, Boe Harbison, and the band Frostbitten Grass.

Philville Records First Vinyl Release!

"The Ventucky String Band" 2012

Americana tales of deals with the Devil, haunted shipwrecks, mysterious train-derailments, oil-field disasters, lush instrumentals--all with a dusty California back-drop and an eye to the past.
Online at: Itunes, CD Baby, & Amazon

Available Locally at:
Salzer's Records, Ventura

Salzer's Records

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"Rush the Growler" 2013

Hillbilly jazz abounds with originals like "Take me back to Tortilla Flats" and "She's Looking Better every Beer"--Dave White also showcases his amazing voice on the classics"Song for Life" and "Bottom of the Glass."

Bluegrass banjo, ballads, and texas swing are well represented as this album captures the band in a live recording environment with only a handful of overdubs--many songs were tracked in just one take!
"Happenstance" 2014

VSB's third album showcases the quartet's instrumental prowess, with elements of bluegrass, swing, dixieland, and classical arrangements featured on 11 original tracks--Special Guest: Bill Flores (of Jeff Bridges' band the "Abiders") on sax & clarinet.

This is Ventucky's first true studio album, and features a much fuller sound with multiple overdubs on several tracks, and a rich use of strings. Six songs were recorded in the Philville "Live Room" with minimal overdubs, keeping in tradition with their previous releases--and the live nature of acoustic roots music.
Salzer's Records

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"The Band Plays On" 2015

VSB's fourth album--inspired by the record drought in California--is a bittersweet album of hope, love, loss and heartache. Lauren Donahue's addition to the band adds lush string arrangements, vocal harmonies, and unique melodic songwriting.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Philville Records December 2014 to May of 2015.

Salzer's Records

Online at: CD Baby and Itunes

"The Ghost of the Damned" 2016

Salzer's Records

Online at: CD Baby

Debut album by Matt Sayles & the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

DSC Mission: To draw out the echoing twang, reverb,
and darkness from the smoldering remnants of manifest destiny, still mournfully beating in the hearts of our unknowing constituency.

Liner Notes for "Ghost of the Damned"
"When the Shakes Set In" 2016
(The Deacon Appears
Courtesy of Stroke Records)

The Deacon is the lap-steel playing moral compass of Santa Barbara's "Big Jugs." He joined the Jugs in 2009 as a spiritual adviser (both liquor and eternal).

This Single (with a bonus track) features the Deacon playing all of the instruments on "When the Shakes Set in" and "The Gospel According to the Deacon." The bonus track "the Grotesque Puppet" features Big Jugs' drummer Cletus Cockburn on percussion and fiddle player Mark Parson. All other instruments on that track (trombone, accordion, etc) are played by the Deacon.

Bio and Liner Notes
"Urethane Houseball" 2012

The Album that was ten years in the making--Richard Manshatz's first full length release on Philville Records. Guest artists abound from the vaults of Philville Records, and this psychedelic schizophrenic ride through genres, voice-overs, and multi-state recording locations will not disappoint.

Sit back, put on the headphones, and be prepared for an album that comes very close to following in the footsteps of Zappa, Beck and Weezer (if those footsteps were a size 11 1/2 with some dogshit on the heels...)

Liner Notes
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New Release: "Manifest Refugees" 2018

150 Gram Vinyl


Grady's Record Refuge

Salzer's Records

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The album, "Ghost of the Damned" is Ventucky String Band's fifth release on Philville Records. The ten song concept album featuring the songwriting of bandleader, Matt Sayles, focuses around some of the darker tales in Bluegrass and Western swing, interspersed with both stylized original and traditional music from the era of the featured characters.
Liner Notes for "Manifest Refugees"
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